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Libby Walden has created a trip-around-the-world-book, that hops around ten cities. Each is depicted by a different illustrator. I love what this brings to the book. Each has it’s own tone and style. For each city, the three Cs are explored: Culture, Character and Civilisation. This means the book is a useful resource for both geographers and historians.


You can read the book as a whole or journey to the destination of your choice.


Upon arrival, you’ll find a similar set up for each destination. First you get a lovely double-page spread, but open the giant flaps to find more about what makes that place special and distinct. It really makes you think, ‘oooo I’d like to see that!’

I can see this book creating awe and wonder moments, as pupils share the book and point out exciting discoveries to each other. I’d say it’s a book that can most definitely be enjoyed by more than one at a time.

I’m not sure if this is purposeful for school use, but a portion of the text is in a cursive style. A nice model for pupils.

This would be a great addition to primary classrooms as part of a class non-fiction library. I can see it being used for reference alongside writing. It would work really well with our Pole to Pole blog idea. It would also be an exciting stimulus on its own. Children could create further fold out pages for different cities of interest. You could use it for persuasive writing, encouraging tourists to visit the city.

This book would be a great opportunity to use for text retrieval skills. Pupils could skim and report back what stood out on that page to them. They could scan for key words, maybe finding the landmark in each city etc… They could note and report this on a map, maybe. Tonnes of other ideas will emerge from this text, I’m sure. It’s full of fantastic illustrations and interesting facts.

In Focus Cities, created by Libby Walden, is published by 360 Degrees (Little Tiger Press)

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