The Only Lonely Panda


This month’s book is stunningly illustrated and written by Jonny Lambert. The pages are delicately metallic, lifting the gorgeous images to a new level.

Let’s meet Panda and the creatures he meets along the way:

He is alone, wishing he had a friend. A lovely moment to step into the character’s shoes and empathise with how he feels. I love the contrast between to descriptions of the animals and the simplicity of ‘Panda sat alone.’

Then, Panda spots the perfect friend. But how does one make friends? Interesting that we don’t always remember to make this explicit for children. To some, it doesn’t come naturally. This book gives lovely opportunities to discuss this from all sides: from those who have and make lots of friends, to those who may have none.

Panda tries to discover how to make friends by watching the other animals in the dewy forest. He does as they do, but it doesn’t quite work out for him.

The language used is beautiful – great adjectives and verbs for young readers to use in their own writing, maybe. The dialogue is natural and really gives us a feel of Panda’s character. You just love him after a few pages in!

After several attempts to impress the other panda, he wants to give up….


We’ve all been there! The illustrations leave plenty of room for discussion. Look at those frogs – those eyes. I wonder what they’re thinking? What would you do in their position?


He gives up and eats alone, back to being himself. And that’s when the rain stops and the friendship begins.

This is a beautiful book that explores making friends and the beauty in being yourself.

The Only Lonely Panda is published on 13th July 2017.



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