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We are really pleased to host this fantastic resource by a wonderful Reading Rocker, Ashley Booth (@MrBoothY6). He has created this as a way for pupils to make informed choices on the next class novel. For each book, you will find an image of the front cover, a synopsis, a bit about the author (for many a tweet from the author in person!), books it is similar to, reviews (many from KS2 age children) and an extract. They are a great snapshot of each book.

You could use these within your classroom or school library to support pupils in choosing their next read, as well as to choose the next class novel. It could be the beginning of a review/recommending class book, with pupils adding their own pages about favourite reads.

Download Ashley’s resource: Class Novel Books.

We’d love to hear how you’ve been using them or what your class think of them. You can use our Contact page, tweet us or Facebook us.


Ashley is in his third year of teaching and currently is the Year 6 teacher and computing lead at St Silas C of E in Toxteth, Liverpool. He is passionate about getting ALL children reading – especially high quality texts. He believes it only takes one book to make a child love reading, and he’ll do anything to help any child find that book. He also strongly believes in using technology and social media to link authors and children to develop and nurture love of reading.

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