#RR_South – The Workshops

There are two workshop slots during the day. You can choose one session per slot.

Workshop Slot 1 – 11:45am to 12:30pm

A (Taylor) Swift Summary of Whole-Class Reading

Jo Payne is a teacher and leader based in Sussex.  Having been a year leader, she currently loves being a deputy head teacher at a brilliant school in Horsham. Although she specialised in primary languages during her teaching degree, she is particularly interested in how technology can enhance pupils’ learning. Jo organised termly TeachMeet Sussex events in schools around the county and co-wrote Making Every Primary Lesson Count.  She writes a blog, MrsPTeach, on which she shares ideas about many subjects within education, including: feedback and marking, whole-class reading and maintaining a healthy life-work balance as a teacher. Find her on Twitter: @MrsPTeach

Come along to explore the important elements for the effective teaching of reading comprehension and how these can work in whole-class reading lessons for primary-aged pupils, all guided by the lyrics of legendary songwriter, Taylor Swift!!

Building Children’s Reading Stamina

The value of reading independently, without distraction, books that are neither too difficult nor too easy, cannot be overstated – but it is a skill that often needs to be nurtured and developed. In this session, Margaret Allen, a former Teacher and now Curriculum & Education Specialist at Renaissance, and Kerry McGuire, a former Library Assistant and now Assistant Editor in the Content Team at Renaissance, will look at the role that Star Reading and Accelerated Reader can play in building reading stamina. They will also share links to useful free resources and provide insight into the quiz-writing process.

The magic of classic children’s literature: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Jo is a book blogger, teacher, mum & presenter – it’s all about books! She hosts the #LibraryGirlAndBookBoy podcast and was a judge for the Lollies Book award 2018.


Join Jo for an exploration of how, and why, to introduce classic literature to primary-aged children, with a focus on tried and tested quality texts and engaging practical tasks. There will be jam tarts!

Storytelling for the classroom: some ideas for telling tales and enhancing books

Join storyteller, John Kirk, to discover how you can tell fantastic stories in your own classroom.

Workshop Slot 2 – 2:45pm to 3:30pm

‘Making Reading Lessons Purposeful’

Ben King, KS2 Reading Lead at Kingslea Primary School, Creator of The Teacher  Book Awards and co-host of the HWRK Podcast. 

This session aims to provide a guide into developing activities with true comprehension at their heart. Moving from answering questions to exploring a text.

Storytelling with Bookwagon

Bookwagon reads and loves every book it sells. Bronnie Mayho taught in New Zealand, London and Hertfordshire, with senior leadership experience that culminated in EYFS/ KS1 Headship. During her career she created school libraries, led English and Literacy, created English curriculums/ a. She had a specialist training in children’s literature and reading.

In late 2017, Bronnie initiated Bookwagon, focused upon supporting families and schools . Bob, came aboard following a career in central policy management. He is a lifelong reader, and children’s books’ devotee.

Join Bronnie to take a closer look at storytelling: How does telling stories make a positive impact on reading and writing and talking? Why? What stories could we tell? How can we tell them? What books inspire story telling?

Developing Reading Fluency and Comprehension with Reading Plus®


Join Steve Cousins to explore fluency and comprehension. Reading Plus is a web-based program that develops learner’s fluency, comprehension and motivation. By using a unique guided-window system, high-quality texts and rigorous questioning, the program builds upon the phonemic awareness to develop reading with metacognition – reading for meaning.

Supporting reading journeys for 6 to 9 year olds

Join Melissa Jordan as she explores a ‘layering’ perspective and some practical ideas to help child navigate their book journeys. Melissa is an independent children’s bookseller and an advocate for reading for pleasure.


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