#RR_North – The Workshops

There are two workshop slots during the day. You can choose one session per slot.

Workshop Slot 1 – 11:15am – to 12:00pm

Primary Libraries: No time, no money? No problem…

Nikki Cleveland

HLTA & School Librarian, Book Blogger, and permanently poor due to @smithsmm’s recommendations and my inability to stay out of bookshops.

Join Nikki and find out how a class based HLTA & School Librarian made the UKSLA School Librarian of the Year Honour List 2018, with just 3.5 hours a week in the library and no budget for books. Easy ways to get the children in your schools desperate to read for pleasure.

Comics: gateway to reading

Paul is a teacher and closet comics geek!

Join Paul in this session for a guide to the wonderful world of comics and how to use them to improve literacy.

Emotional Dexterity and Inference

Proud Mancunian and creator of Reading Explorers, Top Class Comprehension & Reading Rocketeers. Literacy consultant specialising in Reading Comprehension. https://twitter.com/ReadingExplorer https://www.johnmurraycpd.co.uk/

Join John to discover how emotional dexterity and inference can be developed with the non-functional reader – those in EYFS who have yet to learn the mechanics of reading but also those who struggle to read in Y2-4 or have SEN that need some Reading Intervention and extra support.

What’s the point? Reading for purpose and pleasure.

Simon is a Principal, Learner, Teacher, and mad about children’s books.

The session will explore the book choices we make and why we make them. It will challenge the range and variety we use and explore our book biases that may limit the experiences we give children. There will be a lot of books and a lot more questions. It will hopefully make you look anew at your reading offer to children in your class and school.

Workshop Slot 2 – 2:00pm to 2:45pm

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…


The many and varied benefits of whole class guided reading are explored in this practical session led by Margaret Allen, a former Teacher and now Curriculum & Education Specialist at Renaissance, which uses the topic of elephants to demonstrate how reading ‘EdTech’ can:

  • Model questions and feedback
  • Develop vocabulary
  • Make meaning from more complex texts
  • Expand pupils’ understanding of the world

Detail Detectives: Strategies for developing writing

Headteacher with a passion for the imaginative use of picture books to develop writing.

This session will look at a range of strategies, enabling children to look in more detail at picture book illustration as an inspiration for writing.

Swimming against the tide: Expanding reading experiences in an age of celebrity authors.


Louise is a primary school teacher in North Yorkshire and a proud SLE for North Star Teaching Alliance. She was a hub-lead in the DfE project ‘Real Writing’ which concluded earlier this year. As English co-ordinator in her school, she is on a journey towards expanding the range of authors that pupils actively choose to read books by.

In this workshop Louise will share on the following: Whole-school approaches to introducing new and exciting authors to children. How to create supportive links with parents. Engaging reluctant readers with different authors. Practical ‘take-aways’ you can adapt and try out in your school.

‘Seven Steps for Storytelling’

Seven Stories’ training and CPD offers are developed by creative learning specialists to guide educators, practitioners and students through Seven Stories’ unique approach to working with children and young people. This session will provide tangible approaches and tools to use in the classroom.

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