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On the day, you will be able to sign up for TWO workshops. There will be a maximum number for each workshop, so it’s a good idea to get there early and to have a second and third choice ready.

Workshop SLOT 1 – 11:30am – 12:00pm

Rob Smith: Literacy Shed

@LiteracyShed https://www.literacyshed.com/

Rob is the creator of Literacy Shed and has upon occasion walked up Moel Famau in North Wales with his dog Myrtle.

Reading – it’s not just books!

Rob will demonstrate how high quality picture books and novels for children can be used alongside short film and images to enhance the reading process through the VIPERS model and whole class reading.

Caroline Ash


carolineCaroline is a Deputy Head of a large primary school in Northumberland. She is passionate about using high quality literature and the power of books to promote gender equality.


Promoting Gender Equality through Picture Books

The gender gap persists in our schools and throughout society. Through the use of high quality picture books we can encourage children to challenge the stereotypes that surround them and begin to close the gap!


Crispin Evans – Pearson


With a long career working in primary education, Crispin’s roles have included Leading Teacher, Local Authority Advisor and Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at the University of Derby.

Crispin currently works for Pearson, the educational publisher, writing and delivering training, workshops and lectures across the UK. Crispin also manages a team of trainers who provide support for schools who are introducing new resources and pedagogies into their teaching.

Supporting Your Struggling Readers. How can you help all your readers become both confident and competent?

Following a focus on the teaching of phonics over recent years how do we support readers who can ‘do’ phonics but are still struggling to read confidently and competently with deep understanding of the text. This workshop will look at why some children struggle to read even after they have mastered the basics of phonics. The workshop will help you understand what to look for in the texts you use, how to deliver a supported reading session and how to encourage those reluctant readers.

Mike Watson

@WatsEd http://www.watseducation.com/

Mike WatsonMike is a Primary Teacher based in Lincolnshire. He has been teaching for 18 years, filling a wide range of whole school Senior Leadership roles, including Head of School.
Mike spends a lot of his time talking and writing about encouraging teachers to take learning outside the classroom and see how this can have a positive impact on children’s learning.

Using books to inspire learning outdoors

We all know the power of the written word and pictures to promote children’s interest and enthusiasm for learning. I will share with you a selection of books, that can be used with a variety of ages, to promote learning outdoors across the curriculum.

Alison Wilcox – author of Descriptosaurus


See the source imageAuthor of Descriptosaurus series and advocate for teaching grammar within the context of creative writing.




Ghostly Grammar

How to learn about sentence structure (detail, flow and impact) whilst writing and editing a ghost story.

Michael Walker – Reading Solutions


Michael Walker is the Founder and Managing Director of Reading Solutions UK Ltd. With 30 years’ experience in primary and secondary education, 12 of which have been spent specialising in new and emerging technologies that support reading development, Michael and Reading Solutions UK are at forefront of innovation when targeting the needs of reading fluency in KS2.

Established since 2014, Reading Solutions UK focuses on the development of your pupil’s silent reading fluency, including expanding their vocabulary and increasing their reading speeds. But above all, it encourages children to become passionate about reading, both inside and outside the classroom.

Based in the North East of England, Reading Solutions UK compromises of 14 staff, with over 80 years collective experience in the educational sector. Our extensive list of clients (totalling 300* schools) spans across the UK, as we are the only reseller of the Reading Plus program.

Reading Plus is a web-based program that assesses your pupil’s comprehension skill set and uses a unique system to accelerate their reading rate and understanding through reading exercises. Within the program, your pupils will become immersed in a wide variety of texts, ranging in complexity, that will build confidence and interest in reading. These are combined with comprehension sections that will challenge their understanding of the texts and begin building a stronger foundation for comprehensive learning.

The Importance of Fluency for Success at Key Stage 2 Sats

Now that we have a few months breathing space before 2019’s SATs, I’d like to take a step back and consider the process of how we read and, in doing so, consider the importance of directional tracking and why we don’t necessarily need to read every word to understand what we are reading. Also, by looking at the reasons why children fail at reading and the importance of reading for pleasure, we can share strategies for success in KS2.

sponsored by oup

Workshop SLOT 2 – 12:15 – 12:45pm

Paul Watson

@PaulWat5  https://thegreatbritishbookworm.wordpress.com/

Paul WNorth East based teacher with experience across Ks1 and Ks2 since 2005.  Advocate reading for pleasure and creating fantastic topics to inspire learners.  Has had the pleasure of being part of school who achieved that rarity: outstanding by Ofsted.

Comics : a gateway to reading

A guide to the wonderful world of comics and how to use them to improve literacy.

Simon Smith

@smithsmm https://smithsmm.wordpress.com/

Simon SmithHeadteacher, book obsessive, mildly grumpy



What’s in a picture?

Exploring picturebooks using dialogic talk. Having a good old look.

Sophie Merrill

@MissSMerrill Primarycoloursart.wordpress.com

Sophie is an experienced key stage two teacher. She is an art specialist and curriculum leader at her school in Manchester. Creativity and cross curricular learning underpin her pedagogy in the classroom and in the development of the curriculum in her school.

Hook, line and sinker!

Ways to develop hooks into a range of texts to engage children and promote questions. Session will examine ways hooks can be used at various points to explore themes and characterisation in a range of texts. It will also look at ways that one book can be used to generate writing for a range of purposes.

them all.

Nick Corston

Both Wired and The Guardian have described Nick as a ‘man on a mission’ after his career change from the world of marketing and innovation to education, which Nick says was “nice”, but as a just a dad, it was being nominated for a 2017 TED Fellowship by Sir Ken Robinson and a hand written cheque for £1.00,000 from a child in a school in Sunderland that really make it all worthwhile

Originally a Shropshire lad from the Welsh Borders, Nick co-founded the non-profit social enterprise STEAM Co.  to power communities to inspire and engage children in learning and career/life outcomes.


 In this session Nick Corston will talk about how a book that his 83 year old father found in the Oxfam Book shop he volunteers in has sent him into orbit running workshops and community days in schools across the UK to not only inspire children with creativity but also to bring parents and other carers in communities into schools.

He will also show how this links with his work as a literacy consultant helping struggling readers with Decoding and teaching Comprehension Strategies with a highly effective intervention he helps schools use.

During the workshop everyone will confront their creative demons and make and fire a paper rocket, and make them wish they’d done that when they were at school and vow to do it with the young people in their care and help them ‘reach for the stars’.

For a taste of what to expect see this short film: http://bit.ly/SCONSWfilm

Jack Phillips

@Mr_P_Hillips  verbivoreteacher.com

Jack is a primary school teacher going into his sixth year. He currently teaches Year 5 in a school in Leicestershire. Embarking on an NPQSL this year with vocabulary as the focus, Jack’s passion for words is well documented through his exploits on Twitter and his blog, ‘verbivoreteacher’.


Vocabulary – eking out the magic:

Jack’s session will focus primarily on delving into books and how vocabulary can unlock meaning. We will be analysing authorial intent with ideas to teach it. The session will move on to creating a vocabulary-rich environment and getting the attitude towards language, words, and meaning right.


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