#RRGoesToUni – The Workshops

There are two workshop slots in the day. You will be able to sign up to one workshop for each slot, during registration.

Workshop Slot 111:45am to 12:30pm

Ashley Booth @MrBoothY6
Teaching Reading – Join Ashley to hear how he approaches whole class reading at his school.

John Kirk @jkstorytelling
Making sense of a story – Join storyteller John Kirk as he introduces sensory storytelling and explores how we can use all our senses to enhance our experience of a story.

Kiran Satti @KSunray3
Fluency : the bridge between decoding and comprehension – Join Kiran as she shares research driven practice, looking at fluency enabling comprehension and reading for pleasure.

Maria-Rose Vogler @mariarosevogler
Making Shakespearian Students – Join maria as she focuses on giving teachers strategies to use in the classroom to build students confidence in reading Shakespearean language. She believes all students can grow to love Shakespeare and his works and will offer a range of techniques aimed at all abilities to help foster such an environment in the classroom.

Workshop Slot 22:45pm to 3:30pm

Laura Baxter @LTeacher123
What’s the big deal with fluency? – Join Laura to explore what reading fluency is, why it’s important, how to teach and assess it.

Julie Westrop @cafes4all
Inspiring, engaging and empowering all parents and families to share books  for pleasure with  children – Join Julie to explore the challenges faced by a range of parents  and families in  being empowered to support and enjoy  their   child’s book sharing and reading experiences . We will present findings from research, successful approaches including the very practical Cafes for All ® approach,  on  how to overcome these challenges  and  both inspire and enable  all those in care giving roles to  promote  and encourage a love of  books. 

Rachael Paget @MissPaget
Poetry as a ‘way in’ to reading at KS3 – Join Rachael for a discussion of how she has used poetry as gateway texts at KS3.

Kathryn Horan @SciKathryn
Science & Stories from Early Years to Year 6 – Join Kathryn in this practical workshop to take a look at different ways stories can be used to inspire meaningful scientific enquiry activities with a consideration of progression across the primary age range and links to the National Curriculum.

Gill Worrall @beanstalkreads
Playing book-based games – Join Gill to learn about using fun book-based games to support comprehension and increase print motivation in KS2/3.

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