Carclaze Community Primary School – Y6 Leavers’ list

It’s so exciting to support Carclaze Community Primary School to help them build up their selection of books available for all pupils to read and enjoy. Thank you for helping them!

For every 10 books donated – we will donate an EXTRA book to the school!!!!

First thing to do is have a look at the lovely list below. You can click on the link to see the front covers and read a bit more about each book if you wish. BUT please do return to THIS page to use the PayPal button below to donate.

To donate from this list, you can use the PayPal button below. You will be prompted to put in an amount (£). Please put in the amount for the book you have chosen as listed below. If you don’t have a PayPal account, it will also give you the option to use a debit or credit card.

Then, please email to tell us which book you wish the school to receive. If you are happy for the school to use your name on a special bookplate to be stuck in the book, saying who donated it, please include this information in the email.

Donated books will be crossed off the list.

Check out the books in detail here:

You Are a Champion : How to Be the Best You Can Be£9.99
Lightning Falls£7.99
My Big Mouth£6.99
The Silk Roads : The Extraordinary History that created your World – Illustrated Edition£12.99
The Way To Impossible Island£6.99
There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story£6.99
Three Little Vikings£7.99
Constance in Peril£12.99
A Glasshouse of Stars£7.99
I’m (Almost) Always Kind£12.99
Sequins and Secrets£6.99
Unipiggle: Mermaid Mayhem£5.99
Anisha, Accidental Detective: Granny Trouble£5.99
The Runaway Pea Left Behind£6.99
How to Survive Without Grown-Ups£7.99
I Spy Island£6.99
The Best Worst Day Ever£6.99
The Duck Who Didn’t Like Water£12.99
I Broke the Internet£6.99
Wild Child : A Journey Through Nature£14.99
Rumble Tumble£7.99
How to Be Brave£7.99
The Football Encyclopedia (FIFA) : Everything you need to know about the beautiful game£16.99
The Gloriumptious Worlds of Roald Dahl : Explore the characters and creations of the World’s Number One Storyteller£16.99
Ten Delicious Teachers£12.99
Rescuing Titanic : A true story of quiet bravery in the North Atlantic£14.99
When Cucumber Lost His Cool (PB)£6.99
The Met Georgia O’Keeffe : She Saw the World in a Flower£9.99
The Met Vincent van Gogh : He saw the world in vibrant colours£9.99
Mr Shaha’s Marvellous Machines : adventures in making round the kitchen table£12.99
Sunflower Sisters£7.99
Be Resilient: How to Build a Strong Teenage Mind for Tough Times£7.99
The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy£6.99
The Cartoons that Came to Life£6.99
Emma on Mars£7.99
Hope Jones Clears the Air£6.99
The Bolds Go Green£12.99
Maddy Yip’s Guide to Life : A laugh-out-loud illustrated story!£7.99
The Secret Lives of Dragons£14.99
How To Be A Human£6.99
From Shore to Ocean Floor£16.99
We Are the Ancient Egyptians : Meet the People Behind the History£12.99
Song of the Far Isles£7.99
Curious Creatures Glowing in the Dark£12.99
Maria’s Island£10.99
I Am Angry£12.99
The Pirate Mums£6.99
Everybody Has Feelings£6.99
Willow Wildthing and the Magic Spell£5.99
Mirabelle Has a Bad Day£5.99
Kitty and the Kidnap Trap£5.99
Isadora Moon Goes to a Wedding PB£5.99
The Cat and the Rat and the Hat£11.99
The Secret Detectives£7.99
The House on the Edge£7.99
Climate Action : The future is in our hands£19.99
Rainbow Grey£6.99
Earth’s Incredible Oceans£14.99
How To Mend a Friend£6.99
Kate on the Case£6.99
You Can’t Take an Elephant on Holiday£6.99
The Great (Food) Bank Heist£6.99
When the Sky Falls£7.99
Monster Hunting For Beginners£12.99
Stella and the Seagull£6.99
A Song of Gladness : A story of hope for us and our planet£12.99
My Dad Is A Grizzly Bear£6.99
Once Upon a Crime£6.99
Kids Fight Climate Change: Act now to be a #2minutesuperhero£7.99
The Battle for Roar£6.99
Poems Aloud : An anthology of poems to read out loud£6.99
Betsy Buglove Saves the Bees (PB)£6.99
Bin Boy: There’s nothing rubbish about this superhero!£6.99
The Midnight Thief£6.99
Bad Panda£6.99
SkyWake Invasion£6.99
Behind the Scenes at the Zoo : Your Access-All-Areas Guide to the World’s Greatest Zoos and Aquariums£14.99
The Secret Explorers and the Missing Scientist£5.99
Oxford Children’s Maths and Science Words£10.99
Ballet Bunnies: The Big Audition£5.99
The Couch Potato£6.99
Future Friend£6.99
The Nightsilver Promise£7.99
Harley Hitch and the Iron Forest£6.99
Escape the Rooms (the laugh-out-loud funny and mind-blowingly brilliant new book for kids!)£6.99
Once Upon a Mermaid’s Tail£6.99
The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.: Basically Famous£6.99
Amazon River£14.99

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