St Ives Infant School Wish List

It’s so exciting to support St Ives Infant School to help them build up their selection of books available for all pupils to read and enjoy. Thank you for helping them! This list includes books that help children understand emotions and well-being.

For every 10 books donated – we will donate an EXTRA book to the school!!!!

First thing to do is have a look at the lovely list below. You can click on the link to see the front covers and read a bit more about each book if you wish. BUT please do return to THIS page to use the PayPal button below to donate.

To donate from this list, you can use the PayPal button below. You will be prompted to put in an amount (£). Please put in the amount for the book you have chosen as listed below. If you don’t have a PayPal account, it will also give you the option to use a debit or credit card.

Then, please email to tell us which book you wish the school to receive. If you are happy for the school to use your name on a special bookplate to be stuck in the book, saying who donated it, please include this information in the email.

Donated books will be crossed off the list.

Check out the books in detail here:

How To Change The World£6.99
Phoebe Dupree Is Coming to Tea!£7.99
Ernest the Elephant£12.99
Rain Before Rainbows£7.99
The Forgettery£6.99
The Dinosaur Who Lost Her Voice£6.99
Beautiful Oops!£12.99
A Little Bit of Courage£6.99
A Little Bit Different£6.99
When Jelly Had a Wobble (PB)£6.99
What Happened to You?£6.99
The Bench£12.99
Everybody Has a Body£6.99
The Heart and the Bottle£6.99
Bears Don’t Read!£6.99
Almost Anything£6.99
The Dot£7.99
ABC of Feelings£6.99
Sometimes I Feel… : A Menagerie of Feelings Big and Small£7.99
Sometimes : A Book of Feelings£11.99
The Great Big Book of Feelings£9.99
A Little Bit Brave£6.99
Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)£6.99
Pip and Egg (PB)£6.99
Dream Big, Little Mole£6.99
Me and My Fear£12.99
The Girls£6.99
Dogs Don’t Do Ballet£6.99
Afraid of the Dark£6.99
The Boys£11.99
Superheroes Don’t Get Scared£6.99
The Tide£6.99
Charlie Chooses£6.99
I Really Want to Shout£6.99
If All the World Were…£6.99
Troll Stinks!£6.99
It’s a No-Money Day£6.99
How Do You Make a Rainbow?£6.99
The Woolly Bear Caterpillar£12.99
The World Made a Rainbow£6.99
Tyrannosaurus Drip£7.99
Sometimes I Am Furious£7.99
The Best Worst Day Ever£6.99
The Invisible£6.99
I’m Sticking with You : A funny feel-good classic to fall in love with!£6.99
Today I’m Strong : A story about finding your inner strength£6.99
The Smeds and the Smoos£6.99
Everybody Has Feelings£6.99
Feelings : Inside my heart and in my head…£7.99
Big Feelings : From the bestselling creators of All Are Welcome£6.99
Don’t Worry, Little Crab£7.99
Do Something for Someone Else : Meet 12 Real-life Children Spreading Kindness with Simple Acts of Everyday Activism£12.99
Tomorrow I’ll Be Kind£6.99
All Kinds of Friends£6.99
How Can I Be Kind£9.99
Ravi’s Roar : A Big Bright Feelings Book£6.99
Perfectly Norman : A Big Bright Feelings Book£6.99
Meesha Makes Friends : A Big Bright Feelings Book£6.99
Tilda Tries Again : A Big Bright Feelings Book£6.99
Ruby’s Worry : A Big Bright Feelings Book£6.99
The Perfect Fit£6.99
Odd Dog Out£6.99
Barbara Throws a Wobbler£6.99
Angry Cookie£6.99
I Am Angry£12.99
My Beautiful Voice£11.99
When Cucumber Lost His Cool (PB)£6.99
I’m (Almost) Always Kind£12.99
Felix After the Rain£7.99
Everybody Worries£6.99
The Worry Box£7.99
The Worrysaurus£6.99
The Hugasaurus£12.99
Happy: A Children’s Book of Mindfulness£6.99
Where Happiness Begins£6.99
When Sadness Comes to Call£7.99
A Shelter for Sadness£12.99
Together We Can (PB)£6.99
We Are Together£7.99
The Garden of Hope£6.99
Wisp : A Story of Hope£6.99
The Seed of Doubt£12.99
My Name is Not Refugee£6.99
How To Mend a Friend£6.99
Will You Be My Friend?£12.99
The Longer the Wait, the Bigger the Hug£6.99
While We Can’t Hug£6.99
The Colour Monster Goes to School : Perfect book to tackle school nerves£6.99
The Colour Monster£6.99
Yoga Animals: At the Seashore£10.99
The Whale Who Wanted More£6.99
The Squirrels Who Squabbled£6.99
The Koala Who Could£6.99
The Lion Inside£6.99
Hello Friend!£6.99
Storm In A Jar£7.99

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