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Crigglestone St James CE Primary Academy
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The Best Eid Ever!

What the book club told us about the book:

A great picture book to introduce children to Ramadan and Eid Al - Fitr. The book has 32 pages that are filled with beautifully bright and colourful illustrations. At the end of the story, there is a non - fiction sections with Eid facts and a glossary of key vocabulary.
Author: Sufiya Ahmed
Illustrator: Hazem Asif
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Paperback (32 pages)

Our School Review

What our pupils thought

“I loved the illustrations. They are so colourful and helped me to understand the story. “

”I didn’t know anything about Eid and Ramadan and now I do. I have shared what I have learnt with my family.”

”I have been able to know more about Eid Al – Fitr and Ramadan. I didn’t know how Muslims knew it was time to celebrate Eid. I like the patterns that Aisha and her mum painted on their hand with Henna. I understood how excited Aisha would be to have a treasure hunt to search for her presents, but she had to wait a long time and help her mum.”

”I liked all of the illustrations because they were colourful and it was full of information that I didn’t know about. I didn’t know a lot about Eid but now I do. I liked that it was told by a girl about my age and I could see how excited she was.”

”I loved the detail in the book because I don’t know a lot about Eid Al -Fitr. The Illustrations and the information especially the glossary at the back, helped me to understand. I liked it when the mum kept saying ‘not yet’ because my mum always says that to me when it is Christmas and my birthday. I do not know a lot about Muslims and this book really helped me to understand their culture.”

”I liked the illustrations because I can see what Eid is like in Aisha’s house. I like the book because it is fiction and non – fiction. It was interesting to see the way henna was put onto Aisha and her mum’s hands and the designs they used. It was interesting how Muslim’s can not celebrate Eid unless they see the moon.”

Out of 5 stars, the pupils give this book:

About the book club:

This book club includes children in KS1 and we meet every Tuesday in the library for book club.

What our educators thought

“The book details a young girl, called Aisha who is about to celebrate Eid.

The story begins where Aisha and her brother have promised them a treasure hunt to find their gifts. Aisha can’t wait, but she will need to complete traditions before this can happen, from breaking fast, decorating their home and to going to the mosque. Aisha and her mum decorate their hands with henna and make tasty treats. It is a brilliant addition to support the introduction of Eid or as a gift!”

Out of 5 stars, the educator gives this book:

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