Bring the joy of reading into the classroom with author events for primary schools

Sign up to our virtual author events subscription to bring authors into your classroom with events designed to get your pupils excited about books and reading.

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How it works

Our innovative author events platform gives you access to great value events throughout the academic year.

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What to expect
at our events

Each event will be different as our authors have very different styles – you can be sure things won’t get boring!

Live online events

Our events are never pre-recorded, totally live online events.


Our events are never dull and boring with lots of interaction involved. We will let you know if anything special is required beforehand.


Tips and resouces

We’ll provide you with tips and resources to help you and your pupils get the most out of the events.

Our events subscription

Our events subscription gives your school access to some of the latest and greatest authors and illustrators who are creating exciting and diverse books for primary and early years readers.

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** All books sent to the school to be distributed to pupils


Benefits to pupils

  • Excites and inspires pupils to read!
  • Sparks ideas and creativity.
  • Get pupils excited by the people behind the books
  • Insight into writing process  – great for pupils to learn about drafting and commitment.
  • Insight into the plot and characters of a book – great motivation to pick up the book and read it all!
  • A chance to ask the creator children’s own questions.
  • Opens up possibilities – kids see that authors are living humans, alive today! and their future broadens!

Benefits to author

  • We pay our authors and illustrators a fair fee so their time is valued and they can keep being creators.
  • Authors/illustrators get to interact with their readers.
  • Interactions with pupils inspire authors to keep writing!
  • Authors create a lasting relationship with pupils for future books.
  • Wonderful exposure to target market.
  • Help authors to create a buzz around new books through social media exposure.

Benefits to school

  • Incredibly cost effective (6 events for the price of one!!!! based on average virtual author event costings).
  • Easy to use and reduced admin for school compared to arranging own events.
  • One easy payment for the school business manager to process.
  • Clear calendar of events for teachers to select the best events to choose for their pupils.
  • Simple credits system to book events, meaning the English lead can do this easily without having to bother the business manager for any further payments.
  • Builds your reading for pleasure culture as reading events become a regular event for all pupils across key stages.
  • Access to a range of authors (& illustrators) will showcase a great range of children’s literature, from fiction, non-fiction and poetry, meaning pupils can find the genre for them.

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on the size of your school. We want to make the events accessible to all and believe this is the fairest way.

See the table below for the costs of our exclusive launch and future cost for the 2023/4 academic year.

Sign up before 28th Feb 2023 to enjoy our introductory rate for the remainder of the academic year (saving £15).


Early subscriber
(2022/3 academic year)

Annual subscriber
(2023/4 academic year)

of credits



(less than 6 classes)



(6 to 12 classes)



(13 or more  classes)



*Early subscribers will receive 1 additional credit (4 total) if they subscribe before 10th Feb 2023.

**Early subscribers will receive 2 additional credits (8 total) if they keep their subscription, which will be converted to an annual subscription at the end of this academic year.

Our events

An exciting calendar of virtual events featuring fiction and non-fiction writers as well as talented children’s book illustrators will be launched 27th Jan.

Check out our latest announced authors section to see what’s coming next!

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Our subscription box curator, Heather

About our curator

Heather founded Reading Rocks in 2016 with a desire to bring together educators with a passion for reading for pleasure. The community began across social media and grew into amazing Saturday CPD events across England. Since then heather has launched the primary book subscription for teachers and schools and is now bringing back events for schools.

Our next events

We bring you the newest releases and author interviews every month to help keep your classroom inspired!

Frequently asked questions

We’ve tried to answer all your questions here, but if you don’t see an answer to your questions then please fill out an enquiry below.

Who is this service for?

This event subscription service is suitable for EYFS and Primary Education settings. It’s ideal for nursery and primary schools.

I’m not an education providing organisation, can I still subscribe?

We’d recommend signing up on our website to give you full control over your subscription. We offer this service to schools as they often require a different process for their accounts department.

Subscribe now!

Why do we need this service?

The event subscription service is a brilliant way to ensure your pupils meet up-to-date and diverse children’s literature. The events build a buzz and excitement about books and reading, and create a fantastic shared experience.

The school will also save time and money compared to putting on their own events, so it’s a win win!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! You can cancel at any time within ‘My Account’ dashboard.

This is an annual subscription, so we wouldn’t take the next payment in July, but you’ll still be able to use your remaining credits until then!

If you do cancel you will lose any remaining credits at the end of your subscription in July.

How do I book an event?

To book on an event, you must first purchase an events subscription. The subscription gives you credits to spend on events (one credit per event).

Once you have a subscription just head over to the event calendar, choose an event and you can book your ticket from the event page.

See the video below to see how it’s done step by step.

Can I cancel a ticket?

We limit the number of tickets we sell for each event and ticket sales finish 1 week prior to the event itself. If you need to cancel your space at an event, you can do so up to 7 days prior to the event by emailing [email protected]. This enables us to open up the spot to another school before sales close.

When will my subscription renew?

For our 2023 introductory cohort, your subscription will renew in July 2023 for the 2023/4 academic year at the annual rate.

Anybody retaining their subscription into the new academic year will receive 2 additional credits as a little thank you from us.

For anyone subscribing in the 2023/4 academic year, their subscriptions will renew 1 year later.

Can I roll over my credits?

For the introductory cohort, you will be able to roll over one credit into the 2023/4 academic year.

I have another question

You can use the contact form below for any other enquiries, or email [email protected]

Still got a question?

Not seen the answer to your question – feel free to contact our support:

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