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We bring you the newest releases every half term to help keep your classroom inspired for just £16.50 (inc p&p).

January subscription deadline

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We have subscriptions to cover all primary teaching years from Early Years to Upper key stage 2.

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Your account gives you full control of your subscription – set up your payment instructions, change or cancel your subscription or amend your address.

Wait for payment and delivery

We’ll send your subscription every two months – usually timed around the end of half term so you can get into lesson planning in advance. Payment takes from your account before delivery (6th of the delivery month).

Get inspired

The Reading Rocks subscriptions only provides brand new books – hot off the press and selected to provide an inspiring reading experience for everyone!

What’s in the box?

No two months are ever the same! But here’s what you can expect from your box:

  • Two newly released or pre-release books
  • A little treat e.g. tea and a biscuit or a sweet treat
  • Specially selected merchandise for you or your class (past examples include posters and bookmarks)
  • Beautifully boxed and wrapped for an exciting unboxing experience!
  • Postage is FREE – so you can expect your local royal mail delivery person to be knocking on your door!

Our subscriptions

With subscriptions for pupils aged three to eleven years old, we support primary school learning for all years.


Early Years Foundation Stage

Age 3 – 5


Every 2 months


Change  anytime


Key Stage 1

Age 5 – 7


Every 2 months


Change anytime


Lower Key Stage 2

Age 7 – 9


Every 2 months


Change anytime


Upper Key Stage 2

Age 9 – 11


Every 2 months


Change anytime

Our customers say it all for us!

Still not sure? We think our testimonials from happy primary school educators speak for themselves!

I want to email and say that my reading rock boxes are little parcels of joy every quarter!

I wasn’t sure when I first registered and add I work across loads of ages I wasn’t sure which age to pick. However I’ve never been disappointed!

The only time I have been disappointed is when I see another box and wish I had that one instead.

Thank you for my little box of joy! Best money I’ve spent on books.

Kirsten Barrett

Teacher and mum, Glasgow

I am absolutely thrilled with my new subscription to the #RR_books Teacher Book Subscription!

I received my first box today which was beautifully presented and contained two brand new Middle Grade reads. I was especially pleased to see how diverse the chosen books were with queer and BIPOC representation. It felt like a real treat for me and I know my students will love it too, thanks so much.

Mrs E Kenny

English Teacher and SENCO, London

This is such an amazing service, I love opening my box to see what Heather has chosen. Both boxes I’ve received have had books that I wouldn’t normally choose for myself, but that once I pick up I genuinely can’t put down! My Year 6 class look forward to these new additions to my bookshelves and I always have a waiting list!

It’s a real pick me up to have such thoughtful books chosen for me and packaged so beautifully, along with a little treat, bookmarks and signed bookplates. Seriously folks, if you’re not a subscriber yet, why not?

Kirsten Barrett

Teacher and mum, Glasgow

Frequently asked questions

We've tried to answer all your questions below, but if you don't see an answer to your questions then please fill out an enquiry below.

I’m not a primary school educator, can I still subscribe?

Absolutely! The book subscription is developed with educators such as teachers and teaching assistants in mind and the books we select will fit in with the current curriculum in England, but that doesn’t mean that it’s just for school educators.

We believe that collaboration with parents and guardians is the best way to ensure reading rocks for everyone!

Can I just buy a one-off box as a gift?

We only offer a subscription services at the moment and boxes are sent out on the same date to all our customers. If you want to receive the next box you can simply sign up and then cancel your subscription once you (or the lucky recipient) receive the box.

Alternatively, you can pause your subscription and send out another box at any time by unpausing it.

Can I choose the books?

Here at Reading Rocks we work really hard to bring you a carefully curated box every other month. We get the latest releases hot off the press, sometimes even before they hit the shelves. For this reason we like to keep the book selections a mystery for our subscribers – it all adds to the excitement of receiving a mystery package.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We’ve been working hard to the Reading Rocks HQ to launch an all new website with lots of new functionality. We’d be sad to see you go, but we’re really pleased to say that you can now cancel your subscription directly on our website! Just log into your account, navigate to the ‘Subscriptions’ section and select the subscription you wish to cancel. Find the ‘Actions’ section and click the cancel button. 

If you’ve already made a payment for the next subscription box when you do this, you’ll receive that box as normal, then your subscription will expire.

Can I change my payment method?

Absolutely! We’ve been working hard at the Reading Rocks HQ to launch an all new website with lots of new functionality. We’re pleased to say that you can now change your payment method directly on our website.

Add a new payment method

First you’ll have to add a new payment method - Just log into your account, navigate to the ‘Payment methods’ section and click ‘Add payment method’ then follow the on screen instructions.

Change payment method

Once that’s done you’ll need to navigate to your existing subscription in the ‘Subscriptions’ section and in the actions section click the ‘Change payment’ button.

From here you just need to select the newly added payment method.


You’ll be sent a code to your phone for double authentication – just add the code into the pop-up box and click submit.

You’ll be able to see that the payment method on that subscription has now changed if you look in ‘Payment methods’.

NOTE – you can have different payment methods for different subscriptions. Even if you make a payment method your default you will need to apply it to any existing subscription (the default will apply to any new subscriptions).

Can I change my subscription?

Absolutely! We’ve been working hard at the Reading Rocks HQ to launch an all-new website with lots of new functionality. We’re pleased to say that you can now switch between our different subscriptions directly on our website.

Follow the steps below to make the swap! Very useful if you have a new year group this year 🙂

Find the subscription you want to change

First you'll need to navigate to your account:

Account page preview

Then navigate to 'Subscriptions' where you'll see a list of subscriptions. Click 'View' next to the subscription you'd like to change:

view subscription to switch

Now scroll down to the 'Subscription totals' section and click 'Change subscription' button:

Change subscription button

Pick new subscription box

Next you'll be taken to the 'Primary School subscription box' parent page - you can select your new key stage level here - just add 1 to the selected box's quantity in the box on the left then click 'Switch subscription':

Select subscription for switch

Your new subscription will now be in your cart. Now you simply need to view your cart and proceed to the checkout:

Proceed to checkout with switch


Finally, you'll just need to checkout. Check your address information is still correct and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page - then click 'Switch subscription' - That's it! You're all done.

check out switch

How much is delivery?

Delivery is included in the cost of the subscription for anyone in the UK - this includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. 

Do you offer international postage?

At the moment we don't offer international delivery from the site, but if you contact us directly we can put a price together for you.

Please email: [email protected] for international enquiries 

How do you keep my payment data safe?

The safety of your payment data is very important to us. We use Braintree to process our transactions - that means we don't hold any of your payment data on our site!

Braintree store your data in their super secure vaults. Braintree is a PayPal service that gives us much more flexibility for how we are able to allow you to manage our subscriptions.

If you want to find out more about how Braintree protect your financial data with the highest industry standards and guidelines (Level 1 PCI compliance as standard) - you can check out this page on their website.

How do I identify the Reading Rocks payment on my bank statement?

Currently the statement will show a payment for £16.50 on or around the 6th of the delivery month. The reference will be 'Braintree', but we will be getting our own payment reference very soon to make it easier for you to see the transaction on your statement.

I have another question

You can use the contact form below for any other enquiries, or email [email protected]

Still got a question?

Not seen the answer to your question - feel free to contact our support:

Website enquiry

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