Published Today – The Truth Pixie by @matthaig1 and @chrismouldink 100% no fibs! ( @canongatebooks ) Reviewed by @McFarlaneLesley

Matt Haig and Chris Mould have created a little corker of a book which contains a couple of big messages!   The Truth Pixie lives ‘in a land two thousand miles from here…’ a fantasy land where trolls and goblins, elves and talking rabbits exist. Aunt Julia cast a spell on the young Truth Pixie,... Continue Reading →


Booktalk and Reading Buddy

Our #RR_North Headline Sponsors are joining us tomorrow for our #RR_Chat at 8:30pm. They've chosen Booktalk as the hot topic of conversation.     Here, RR Friend James Clements writes about the importance of Book Talk. Booktalk and Reading Buddy The link between children choosing to read for pleasure in their own time and a... Continue Reading →

#TheLostWords Challenge Cards

  Do you love Autumn? Isn't it a great time of year to get outdoors and experience the wonder of nature? I love October! Earlier this week my Twitter timeline was full of glorious tweets about poetry - what joy! Then, this week also celebrated the 1 year anniversary of The Lost Words by Rob... Continue Reading →

Kaya’s Heart Song 💜 @lantanapub

Boom taktak boom taktak boom Shick shak shook Do you know your heart song? Join me, through the vines (gorgeous end pages), to meet Kaya and Pak, as we learn about mindfulness. Kaya, a young, curious girl, watches her mother as she meditates. Of course she asks what she’s doing, as children and their wonderful... Continue Reading →

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