Mo, Lottie and the Junkers by @jenniferkillick , illustrated by @theGarethConway , reviewed by @BooksTales

Opening with a vlog! Fantastic idea and grabs the reader straight away. The two children we meet are Lottie and Mo. They have been thrown together when Mo’s Mum and Lottie’s Dad move in together. Moving to a new house is traumatic for Mo, even though the house is only across the road from where... Continue Reading →


Booktalk and Reading Buddy

Our #RR_North Headline Sponsors are joining us tomorrow for our #RR_Chat at 8:30pm. They've chosen Booktalk as the hot topic of conversation.     Here, RR Friend James Clements writes about the importance of Book Talk. Booktalk and Reading Buddy The link between children choosing to read for pleasure in their own time and a... Continue Reading →

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