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The Clockwork Conspiracy

What the book club told us about the book:

When Isaac Turner's dad goes missing from the Big Ben clock tower it is up to Isaac and his new friend, Hattie to uncover a mystery that includes New Time, a rebel group known as The Machinists and a secret group known as The Timekeepers. Will Isaac and Hattie be able to stop New Time from destroying the world as we know it? This is a novel that is split into 60 chapters and is 333 pages long.
Author: Sam Sedgman
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Paperback (333 pages)

Our School Review

What our pupils thought

“There are lots of cliffhangers that make you want to read on.”

“It was exciting and I wanted to see what happened at the end.”

“Hattie is a really likeable character. She is mischievous and adventurous. She helps Isaac out, even though they don’t really know each other. I would like her to be my friend.”

“The story has a really good plot with a lot of twists that keep you guessing. I like how it makes you think that characters are good but really they aren’t and vice versa.”

Out of 5 stars, the pupils give this book:

About the book club:

Our book club is made up of year 5/6 children and we usually have about 10 children who attend, although this fluctuates. We aim to meet once a week. We discuss the book/s we are reading and recommend books to each other. We don't have a library space at the moment but I am hoping that they can set up a book display either in reception or in each class.



What our educators thought

“This book is split into 60 short chapters and each one is relatively short making it great for a class reader. The chapters always leave you wanting more and the children never wanted to leave it (neither did I). The story follows Isaac whose dad is the timekeeper for Big Ben. One night he goes missing and it is down to Isaac and his new friend Hattie to solve the mystery. Hattie’s dad is the speaker in the house of commons and so not only does this book give you an insight to how time works across the world and the important part it plays, it also gives the reader an insight into how parliament and government work. There are many twists and turns along the way and some surprises. Although there is some violence (tasers, fights, gun, the treat of an explosion) no characters die. Definitely recommended for year 5 and 6 and as the book takes you around London, children may be able to recognise and place where the story is taking place.”

Out of 5 stars, the educator gives this book:

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