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Miss Cat: The Case of the Curious Canary

What the book club told us about the book:

The book is a 64 page graphic novel detective story featuring private eye Miss Cat investigating a case. She is trying to locate a kidnapped canary and discovers strange secrets along the way. This is book one in a new series.
Author: Jean-Luc Fromental & Joelle Jolivet
Illustrator: Jean-Luc Fromental & Joelle Jolivet
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Format: Paperback (64 pages)

Our School Review

What our pupils thought

“We really enjoyed reading about Miss Cat and her detective agency. She seems just like a cat although she is actually just a girl like me. She works really hard to try and solve the case and it doesn’t turn out the way you would expect it to. The illustrations are a really different style that I hadn’t seen before and they were nice to look at. It’s not like any graphic novel I have read before.”

“I loved Miss Cat and the case of the curious canary! She is so clever and she is really good at following the clues. Mr Maximus comes to Miss Cat asking for help to find his kidnapped canary and Miss Cat is just the person to find him. I was a bit worried she might eat the canary! But she’s not really a cat she’s a girl. This is different to other graphic novels I have read before and it has more words than things like Bunny vs Monkey so you can feel like you are challenging yourself a bit more when you read this book. It has a good twist to the story I really recommend it to other children.”

“This graphic novel is full of loads of really good illustrations with lots of great detail and there’s so many things to see on each page. We looked really hard and they gave us some clues along the way. Miss Cat is a girl detective and she is really good at solving crimes. She is searching for a missing canary which is funny because cats like to chase birds. She is kind though and helps its owner to try and find him. It didn’t end how I thought it would but it was a good ending.”

“At first I found the story a bit confusing but I read it again and I thought it was really funny. There were lots of things I missed the first time I read it and I noticed lots more things the second time. The story is interesting and unpredictable and Miss Cat is good at solving crimes or mysteries. I would like to read more books where she solves more crimes.”

Out of 5 stars, the pupils give this book:

About the book club:

We don't actually have an official book club, though I have been trying to get one started, and this has been a great opportunity to show our school that we should implement one! There were 10 children from years 4 and 5 who took part in reading and reviewing this book.

What our educators thought

“This graphic novel was a different style than the children were used to seeing in our library. We have many modern graphic novels in similar bright, bold designs and the illustrations of Miss Cat are very different, which was an interesting discussion point on first reading. We looked at illustration styles as part of a book club activity, as many children had not come across different styles before. There is also a good mix of speech bubbles and direct speech within paragraphs, and could be used well as part of a speech activity because of this. The description in this book is rich, with lots of detailed character speech as well as scene setting, so is a more challenging read than many other graphic novels aimed at this age group which is a nice change. There are a lot of aspects that could be considered within this text, the crime itself – and the deception of different members of the family – who could really be considered ‘good’ and who could be considered ‘bad’, as there is a layered deception taking place. The issue of rights was discussed by the children, who has the right to make decisions about others and how rights have been taken away.”

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