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Secret Agent Mole: Goldfish-Finger

What the book club told us about the book:

This book is a graphic novel about a spy (a naked mole rat). The spy is trying to become a secret agent and has to complete some tasks and pass them. The book is about the tasks and how they go wrong and why. Eventually he becomes a secret agent.
Author: James Foley
Illustrator: James Foley
Publisher: Scholastic
Format: Paperback (208 pages)

Our School Review

What our pupils thought

“The book is really funny. I like the characters (particularly the fish and the mole).”

“The book has a good story line and I think children who like Agent Moose and other graphic novels would like this book too.”

“The pictures are comical and the illustrator is talented.”

Out of 5 stars, the pupils give this book:

About the book club:

The book club consists of 6 children from year 3 and 4. There are a variety of abilities and backgrounds in the group. The children aren’t keen readers (they wouldn’t choose to sit and read independently). We have been meeting once a week at the start of the day. We read the book independently at the speed of each individual, but there’s a lot of talking and sharing funny parts. They also flip to the blurb regularly to fill in the blacked out parts.

What our educators thought

“This book has been brilliant for this group. They aren’t keen readers but every single one has asked every day when we’re reading next. They have also taken it home to share with parents and have asked me to find other graphic novels for them. The buzz this book has created for these 6 children is incredible. It’s easily accessible for children who aren’t fluently reading yet and the pictures help to tell the story.”

Out of 5 stars, the educator gives this book:

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