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The Reader Teacher has chosen 100 recommended reads for Year 1 pupils, aged 5 to 6 years old. In the selection you will find: information books to engage and inspire, poetry, classic tales, early chapter books and brilliant picture books.

The Reader Teacher Top 100 Recommended Reads Book Packs contain all of the titles from the relevant Reader Teacher list as displayed on their website. From time to time, a book in the list will be unavailable. When this happens, we will select a suitable replacement to complete your book pack. A full list of the books is shown below or you can download it on The Reader Teacher website.

If you would like a bespoke list creating specific to your school’s curriculum, we can offer this service through our primary school book services page.

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The Reader Teacher has chosen 100 recommended reads for Year 1 pupils, aged 5 to 6 years old. In the selection you will find: information books to engage and inspire, poetry, classic tales, early chapter books and brilliant picture books.

From time to time this list may change - you can always find and download the most up to list of what the pack contains on The Reader Teacher website.


A Bottle of HappinessPaperback / softback
The WonderPaperback / softback
When Sadness Comes to CallPaperback / softback
Welcome to Our World: A Celebration of Children Everywhere!Paperback / softback
Silly BillyPaperback / softback
Ruby's Worry : A Big Bright Feelings BookPaperback / softback
Rain Before RainbowsPaperback / softback
The Velveteen RabbitHardback
Until I Met DudleyPaperback / softback
Under the OceanHardback
Through the Eyes of MePaperback / softback
Rabbit and Bear: Rabbit's Bad Habits : Book 1Paperback / softback
The Proudest Blue : A Story of Hijab and FamilyPaperback / softback
Polly and the Puffin : Book 1Paperback / softback
Poems Aloud : An anthology of poems to read out loudPaperback / softback
This Is How We Do It : One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from around the WorldPaperback / softback
That Rabbit Belongs To Emily BrownPaperback / softback
The Paper Bag PrincessPaperback / softback
What is racism? (Lift-the-Flap First Questions & Answers)Paperback / softback
Mrs Noah's PocketsHardback
The Tales of Olga Da PolgaPaperback / softback
The Tale Of Peter Rabbit : The original and authorized editionHardback
You're Called What?Paperback / softback
Tadpole's PromisePaperback / softback
Zim Zam Zoom! : Zappy Poems to Read Out LoudPaperback / softback
BeeguPaperback / softback
SplashPaperback / softback
The Pirate MumsPaperback / softback
The Most Important Animal Of AllPaperback / softback
Milo Imagines The WorldPaperback / softback
Midnight MagicPaperback / softback
Meet the TwitchesPaperback / softback
Marv and the Mega RobotPaperback / softback
Luna and the Moon RabbitHardback
Lubna and PebblePaperback / softback
Little GlowPaperback / softback
Kitty and the Moonlight RescuePaperback / softback
Jasper and ScruffPaperback / softback
I Talk Like a RiverPaperback / softback
Eyes That Kiss in the CornersHardback
Everything Under the Sun : a curious question for every day of the yearHardback
The Day The Crayons QuitPaperback / softback
Dadaji's PaintbrushHardback
CinnamonPaperback / softback
Building a HomePaperback / softback
Britannica First Big Book of Why : Why can't penguins fly? Why do we brush our teeth? Why does popcorn pop? The ultimate book of answers for kids who need to know WHY!Hardback
The Boy Who Grew A TreePaperback / softback
Amara and the BatsPaperback / softback
SweepPaperback / softback
The Most Magnificent ThingHardback
Mixed Up Fairy Tales : Split-Page BookPaperback / softback
Here We Are : Notes for Living on Planet EarthHardback
Greta and the Giants : inspired by Greta Thunberg's stand to save the worldPaperback / softback
Lights on Cotton RockPaperback / softback
The GirlsPaperback / softback
Bee & MePaperback / softback
Ballerina DreamsPaperback / softback
Badger's Parting Gifts : 35th Anniversary Edition of a picture book to help children deal with deathPaperback / softback
A Seed Is SleepyPaperback / softback
Gaspard the FoxPaperback / softback
Frog and Toad are FriendsPaperback / softback
Fanatical About FrogsHardback
Anna HibiscusPaperback / softback
And Tango Makes ThreePaperback / softback
Amazing GracePaperback / softback
All the Ways to be Smart : the beautifully illustrated international bestseller that celebrates the talents of every childPaperback / softback
Du Iz Tak?Paperback / softback
The DotPaperback / softback
Dinosaurs and All That RubbishPaperback / softback
After the FallPaperback / softback
An Engineer Like MePaperback / softback
Ada Twist, ScientistHardback
Hotel FlamingoPaperback / softback
The Book With No PicturesPaperback / softback
Can Bears Ski?Paperback / softback
Can I Join Your Club?Paperback / softback
MixedPaperback / softback
Meerkat MailPaperback / softback
Man on the Moon : a day in the life of BobPaperback / softback
Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat!Paperback / softback
Something ElsePaperback / softback
Somebody Swallowed StanleyPaperback / softback
Small in the CityPaperback / softback
Lots : The Diversity of Life on EarthPaperback / softback
Look Up!Paperback / softback
here's a Rang-Tan in My BedroomPaperback / softback
Super Silly Museums PBPaperback / softback
Julian Is a MermaidPaperback / softback
I Want My Hat BackPaperback / softback
The DarkPaperback / softback
Coming to England : An Inspiring True Story Celebrating the Windrush GenerationPaperback / softback
Claude in the CityPaperback / softback
Chocolate CakePaperback / softback
If You Come to EarthHardback
If All the World Were...Paperback / softback
I Don't Like Books. Never. Ever. The End.Paperback / softback
The Cat and the KingPaperback / softback
Izzy GizmoPaperback / softback
We Are All Born Free : The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in PicturesPaperback / softback


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