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The Reader Teacher has chosen 100 recommended reads for Year 3 pupils, aged 7 to 8 years old. In the selection you will find: novels for blossoming independent readers, poetry collections to share and enjoy, fact-filled information texts and picture books to share and discuss.

The Reader Teacher Top 100 Recommended Reads Book Packs contain all of the titles from the relevant Reader Teacher list as displayed on their website. From time to time, a book in the list will be unavailable. When this happens, we will select a suitable replacement to complete your book pack. A full list of the books is shown below or you can download it from The Reader Teacher website.

If you would like a bespoke list creating specific to your school’s curriculum, we can offer this service through our primary school book services page.

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The Reader Teacher has chosen 100 recommended reads for Year 3 pupils, aged 7 to 8 years old. In the selection you will find: novels for blossoming independent readers, poetry collections to share and enjoy, fact-filled information texts and picture books to share and discuss.

From time to time this list may change - you can always find and download the most up to list of what the pack contains on The Reader Teacher website.


The 13-Storey TreehousePaperback / softback
The Nothing to See Here HotelPaperback / softback
The Wizard In My Shed : The Misadventures of Merdyn the WildPaperback / softback
Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet : Book 1Paperback / softback
Iguana Boy Saves the World With a Triple Cheese Pizza : Book 1Paperback / softback
The Epic Book of EpicnessPaperback / softback
The Silly Book of Side-Splitting StuffPaperback / softback
Wisp : A Story of HopePaperback / softback
Skunk and BadgerHardback
The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of PigPaperback / softback
Judy MoodyPaperback / softback
Nano: The Spectacular Science of the Very (Very) SmallPaperback / softback
JourneyPaperback / softback
The No. 1 Car SpotterPaperback / softback
You're a Bad Man, Mr Gum!Paperback / softback
Sam Wu Is NOT Afraid of Ghosts!Paperback / softback
The Worst Class in the WorldPaperback / softback
Violet and the Pearl of the OrientPaperback / softback
The Spy Who Loved School DinnersPaperback / softback
WindowPaperback / softback
The Adventures of Captain Underpants: 25th and a H    alf Anniversary Edition Full ColourPaperback / softback
My Mum's Growing DownPaperback / softback
Pizazz : The super awesome new superhero series!Paperback / softback
Piggy Handsome : Guinea Pig Destined for Stardom!Paperback / softback
The Royal RabbitsPaperback / softback
World-whizzing Facts : Awesome Earth Questions AnsweredPaperback / softback
Daydreams and JellybeansPaperback / softback
King CooPaperback / softback
Thimble Monkey SuperstarPaperback / softback
Earthshattering Events! : The Science Behind Natural DisastersHardback
The Little PrincePaperback / softback
TuesdayPaperback / softback
The Tin ForestPaperback / softback
The Wild RobotPaperback / softback
The Pebble in My Pocket : A History of Our EarthPaperback / softback
Werewolf Club Rules! : and other poemsPaperback / softback
Leon and the Place BetweenPaperback / softback
Diary of an Accidental WitchPaperback / softback
Bunny vs MonkeyPaperback / softback
The Rhythm of the RainPaperback / softback
Ocean Meets SkyPaperback / softback
JumanjiPaperback / softback
It's a No-Money DayPaperback / softback
Owen and the SoldierPaperback / softback
LobPaperback / softback
Lists for Curious Kids : 263 Fun, Fascinating and Fact-Filled ListsPaperback / softback
InvestiGatorsPaperback / softback
Grimwood : Laugh your head off with the funniest new series of the yearPaperback / softback
The Iron ManPaperback / softback
Voices in the ParkPaperback / softback
Ottoline and the Yellow CatPaperback / softback
Fortunately, the Milk . . .Paperback / softback
Fizzlebert Stump : The Boy Who Ran Away From the Circus (and joined the library)Paperback / softback
I Am the SubwayPaperback / softback
Barry Loser: I am Not a Loser : Tom Fletcher Book Club 2017 TitlePaperback / softback
The Bad Guys:Episodes 1 and 2Paperback / softback
Ariki and the Giant SharkPaperback / softback
The Firework-Maker's DaughterPaperback / softback
Finn Family MoomintrollPaperback / softback
Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The WorldPaperback / softback
Elen's IslandPaperback / softback
Apes to Zebras: An A-Z of Shape PoemsHardback
Anisha, Accidental DetectivePaperback / softback
A Necklace Of RaindropsHardback
An Alien in the Jam FactoryPaperback / softback
Amelia Fang and the Barbaric BallPaperback / softback
The DragonsitterPaperback / softback
The Dictionary of Difficult Words : With more than 400 perplexing words to test your wits!Hardback
Agent Weasel and the Fiendish Fox Gang : Book 1Paperback / softback
Agent Asha: Mission Shark BytesPaperback / softback
The Accidental Prime MinisterPaperback / softback
The AbominablesPaperback / softback
The Big Book of the BlueHardback
The Bookshop GirlPaperback / softback
BOOT small robot, BIG adventure : Book 1Paperback / softback
The Boy Who Grew Dragons (The Boy Who Grew Dragons 1)Paperback / softback
The Greatest Show on EarthHardback
The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.Paperback / softback
Leonora Bolt: Secret InventorPaperback / softback
Malala's Magic PencilPaperback / softback
Me and Mister PPaperback / softback
Pugs of the Frozen NorthPaperback / softback
Tilly and the Time MachinePaperback / softback
The Sheep-pigPaperback / softback
The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones : Tom Fletcher Book Club Title 2018Paperback / softback
Nim's IslandPaperback / softback
Call Me LionPaperback / softback
The Hundred-Mile-an-Hour DogPaperback / softback
Einstein the PenguinPaperback / softback
A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu and You (Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2021)Paperback / softback
Dave PigeonPaperback / softback
Charlotte's Web : 70th Anniversary EditionPaperback / softback
Charlie Changes Into a ChickenPaperback / softback
Harley Hitch and the Iron ForestPaperback / softback
The Grunts in TroublePaperback / softback
Barb the BravePaperback / softback
The Giving TreeHardback
Can I Build Another Me?Hardback
Please Mrs ButlerPaperback / softback
Swop The Satsuma-Sized SecretPaperback / softback


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