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The Reader Teacher has chosen 100 recommended reads for Year 6 pupils, aged 10 to 11 years old. In the selection you will find: a wide range of novels to engage all readers, poetry collections to share and enjoy, fact-filled information texts and graphic novels.

The Reader Teacher Top 100 Recommended Reads Book Packs contain all of the titles from the relevant Reader Teacher list as displayed on their website. From time to time, a book in the list will be unavailable. When this happens, we will select a suitable replacement to complete your book pack. A full list of the books is shown below or you can download it from The Reader Teacher website.

If you would like a bespoke list creating specific to your school’s curriculum, we can offer this service through our primary school book services page.

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The Reader Teacher has chosen 100 recommended reads for Year 6 pupils, aged 10 to 11 years old. In the selection you will find: a wide range of novels to engage all readers, poetry collections to share and enjoy, fact-filled information texts and graphic novels.

From time to time this list may change - you can always find and download the most up to list of what the pack contains on The Reader Teacher website.


After the War : From Auschwitz to AmblesidePaperback / softback
The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie YatesPaperback / softback
The Shark CallerPaperback / softback
Politics for BeginnersHardback
RumblestarPaperback / softback
A Room Full of ChocolatePaperback / softback
Wildspark: A Ghost Machine AdventurePaperback / softback
Mortal EnginesPaperback / softback
Northern LightsPaperback / softback
The StonekeeperPaperback / softback
The Midnight GuardiansPaperback / softback
Norse Myths : Tales of Odin, Thor and LokiHardback
StormbreakerPaperback / softback
Wild BoyPaperback / softback
The Snow SpiderPaperback / softback
Onyeka and the Academy of the SunPaperback / softback
Rhythm and PoetryPaperback / softback
The ViewerPaperback / softback
Windrush ChildPaperback / softback
When Stars are ScatteredPaperback / softback
Survivors : BLUE PETER AWARD WINNERPaperback / softback
Letters from the Lighthouse : 'THE QUEEN OF HISTORICAL FICTION' GuardianPaperback / softback
Oranges in No Man's LandPaperback / softback
The Turbulent Term of Tyke TilerPaperback / softback
Suffragette : The Battle for EqualityHardback
Nevermoor : The Trials of Morrigan Crow Book 1Paperback / softback
Overheard in a Tower Block : PoemsPaperback / softback
FloodlandPaperback / softback
The Mysteries of Harris BurdickPaperback / softback
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Wolf Brother : Book 1 in the million-copy-selling seriesPaperback / softback
Tales of Ancient WorldsHardback
Where The World Turns WildPaperback / softback
Orion LostPaperback / softback
No Ballet Shoes in SyriaPaperback / softback
The MiddlerPaperback / softback
Ella on the OutsidePaperback / softback
The Lost Book of Adventure : from the notebooks of the Unknown AdventurerHardback
When the Sky FallsPaperback / softback
When Life Gives You MangoesPaperback / softback
The Murderer's ApePaperback / softback
The Nowhere EmporiumPaperback / softback
Seven GhostsPaperback / softback
Black and British: An Illustrated HistoryHardback
MillionsPaperback / softback
The Wolf WilderPaperback / softback
October, October : WINNER OF THE YOTO CARNEGIE MEDAL 2022Paperback / softback
You Are Awesome : Find Your Confidence and Dare to be Brilliant at (Almost) AnythingPaperback / softback
The Skylarks' WarPaperback / softback
The Wee Free Men : A Tiffany Aching NovelPaperback / softback
PhoenixPaperback / softback
WonderPaperback / softback
The Infinite Lives of Maisie DayPaperback / softback
Clockwork or All Wound UpPaperback / softback
Cirque Du FreakPaperback / softback
Charmed LifePaperback / softback
Can You See Me?Paperback / softback
The Bubble BoyPaperback / softback
The House with Chicken LegsPaperback / softback
HolesPaperback / softback
The HobbitPaperback / softback
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StonePaperback / softback
Britannica All New Children's Encyclopedia : What We Know & What We Don'tHardback
The Boy Who Made Everyone LaughPaperback / softback
The Boy Who FlewPaperback / softback
Boy In The TowerPaperback / softback
The Graveyard BookPaperback / softback
Good Night Stories for Rebel GirlsHardback
Goodnight Mister TomPaperback / softback
The Girl of Ink & StarsPaperback / softback
GhostPaperback / softback
Artemis FowlPaperback / softback
The ArrivalPaperback / softback
The Invention of Hugo CabretHardback
The IslandPaperback / softback
JellyPaperback / softback
Journey to Jo'BurgPaperback / softback
Room 13Paperback / softback
SkelligPaperback / softback
Orphans of the TidePaperback / softback
Tom's Midnight GardenPaperback / softback
The London Eye MysteryPaperback / softback
Murder Most UnladylikePaperback / softback
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Book 1)Paperback / softback
OncePaperback / softback
Lightfall: The Girl & the GaldurianPaperback / softback
New KidPaperback / softback
The Titanic Detective AgencyPaperback / softback
The 1,000-year-old BoyPaperback / softback
The Weirdstone of BrisingamenPaperback / softback
The Last Wild Trilogy: The Last Wild : Book 1Paperback / softback
A Kind of SparkPaperback / softback
KickPaperback / softback
Journey to the River SeaPaperback / softback
A Different Sort of NormalPaperback / softback
Darwin's DragonsPaperback / softback
Crater LakePaperback / softback
CogheartPaperback / softback
Cloud Busting : Puffin PoetryPaperback / softback
PaxPaperback / softback
Front DeskPaperback / softback


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