You should walk in my shoes!

You should walk in my shoes!

Empathy Day – 13th June:

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Walking in someone else’s shoes – that’s what I think of when I think of empathy. Then, of course, this kind of image pops into my head. I remember it well: putting on my mum’s shoes, her rings, carrying her handbag and thinking I was just like her. If only it were that simple! Empathy – really understanding another person’s position, feelings, motivations, actions – is a complex and tricky thing. It’s layered and complex and can only develop over time and with practice.

A perfect place to pop on those shoes and see how they feel is, of course, a story. If we read to our children and talk about the characters, we are training them to empathise and so to be more emotional literate citizens. How incredibly important that we do this.

I’m really pleased to share with you today just a few picture books that are perfect discussion starters for developing empathy on this first #EmpathyDay .

Everybody’s Welcome is a beautiful tale of welcoming animals, taking in those in need. This story is perfect to start a discussion about helping the homeless or refugees.

Meet Edie, a very helpful soul. In fact she’s a little too helpful. A lovely story to consider how our actions are received, perfect for those ‘I didn’t mean it like that’ moments. Great illustrations to really discover how each character feels about the ‘helpfulness’.

Ever felt a little smaller than everyone around you? This book helps readers discover that we all have fears and weaknesses, despite how it appears from the outside. Join Lion and Mouse as they both find their own way to roar!

Ivy is grumpy, but the raincloud discovers that grumpy is just a type of sad. This different tale of friendship helps readers consider why someone might be acting in such an angry way and how to get alongside a friend to understand them.

A book about fitting in, about discovering what makes you you. Stunning illustrations to pore over and discuss, and a charming message to ‘be yourself’.



Have great #EmpathyDay and make sure your pupils join you today to #ReadforEmpathy !




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