Crazy About Cats by @owendaveydraws

Reviewed by Mrs Mac.

Well, just the look of the vibrant front cover! Wow! Who wouldn’t want to pick up this book to see what’s inside?

The end papers are divine. The movement imbued into the cat illustrations is phenomenal. I love the way each cat has been carefully placed to make a page that is so pleasing on the eye it’s almost hypnotic.

The book starts with a little information on the evolution of the cats, or as I now know them, felids. The cats we know today are split into eight groups based on the history of their evolution. Lots here to be learned about the way the cats we know today, came to be.


One of my favourite pages was a diagram with labeled parts common to felids.



On this page, I found a  fascinating fact. In a cat’s mouth is a vomeronasal organ, used to detect scent left by other cats. I’m sorry, but if you find that phrase- vomeronasal organ- doesn’t make you intrigued, you have no soul!

Subjects such as hunting, camouflage, family groups and territory are covered with just enough interesting facts to teach and move knowledge on without being overwhelming. Technical vocabulary is used, not shied away from and explained where needs be.

Crazy About Cats talks about the felids’ role in human history and also brings us up to date with information about how endangered some cats have become and our human role in their demise. The last page gives information how and where we can give help.

For me this book is a real treasure. The information is presented in bite-sized, manageable chunks in an ordered way that makes it easy to digest. I learned lots.

However, what invites and entices, then keeps you spellbound and thinking about this book for a very long time, are the dazzling illustrations. The colours, the precision, the life with which Owen Davey portrays these fascinating creatures is simply breath- taking.

Set yourself some time aside, make yourself a cup- or better still a pot – of tea and savour this absolute beauty of a book…then maybe you should share it with a child!

Crazy About Cats is published by Flying Eye Books.

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