Can you offer a Reading Gift?


 Can you offer a Reading Gift?actionaid

Can you help us by gifting a signed copy of one of your books?

 We’ll use it as a prize in a Baffle (a book raffle) to help build a library in Mozambique.


WomenEd are working with Action Aid to build a library for the women and children there and the 44 OU/UKLA Teachers’ Reading Groups are being invited to run Reading for Pleasure Baffles to support this life changing cause.

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If you can, then simply sign a book (or two!) and send to:

Professor Teresa Cremin, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA.


Teresa will ensure the Reading for Pleasure Baffle Prizes are sent to the participating Reading Groups.  The group leaders will upload the money raised at the Just Giving site and you’ll have helped build a library!


Hannah Wilson (WomenEd National Leader) comments ‘Lots of my friends and family may think I am bonkers that I work hard all year and then choose to ‘work’ in my holidays, but I don’t see volunteering as work but as giving back and paying it forward. It is escapism from the daily grind but it is also very grounding and humbling – it is easy to get sucked into the issues and politics affecting our school/ our system but it reminds how lucky we are in so many ways’.

We hope you can offer a Reading Gift to help raise funds for more families to find and share pleasure in reading.

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