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1F6593E8-B237-4F08-B011-57DEC4817A4FAs I sat with my morning brew, watching my regular visitors, the starlings, feed in my garden, I thought today was a good day to share this pair of lovely books.

Each page has a sturdy lift-the-flap feature, giving an interactiveness to the reading experience for early readers. My 5 year old loved discovering the images and facts beneath each flap.


Each book contains interesting knowledge to share together and doesn’t shy away from technical vocabulary. These nuggets of knowledge will spark further questions and prompt further discovery in other books. While we’re on migration, you may appreciate this previous blog and this beauty of a book:


How lovely – as I type, the blue tits have arrived for some breakfast!

You can learn specific names and adaptations in a fun, interactive way.

Discover differences and similarities and learn about life cycles too.

Find out how important some creatures are to other living things.

Then, it’s time to apply this new knowledge. I like the call to get involved at the end of Bug Hotel. Perfect to inspire an EYFS or KS1 project.

Happy weekend Nature Lovers!

PS – do share this beauty, too, as you nurture nature appreciaters of the future:





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