#SamWu is NOT afraid of the Dark! BLOG TOUR – written by @kwebberwrites @kevtsang illustrated by @nathanreed_illo published with @egmontuk

I’m delighted to start off this blog tour and I am NOT afraid to be first up, honest!!!!


Now, in my own KS2 classroom, Sam Wu books don’t stay on the shelf for long. They are quickly snapped up, after a keen recommendation from a giggled-out peer. After reading this latest edition in the series, I know this book is destined for the same fate. It is a comfortable and quick read for those developing confidence in novels. It will make a great read aloud in Year 3, and is bound to have your class laughing. It will also (on a serious note) give rise to a few opportunities to talk about fears and the feelings of others – so an apt choice for #childrensmentalhealth week.K&KT_SamWu3_title_V2With their clever footnotes (personally my fave feature) and excellent narrator voice, Katie and Kevin Tsang really capture how a child thinks and feels. Young readers will just ‘get it’ instantly. The constant reference to parents seeing things differently, not understanding and just generally being …well… parents, will ring true with young readers.

Nathan Reed’s illustrations match the tone of the book perfectly. I love the way the woods often frame the page and set the scene. The use of dark pages, lightening to daytime is a clever effect, drawing the reader into the darkness and fear (but Sam is NOT afraid – you understand!!!)


So grab your flashlight and jump into the story. The book begins with a recap of Sam’s previous fears, sorry things he is absolutely NOT afraid of. This is great for those who haven’t read previous books in the series. Then, we meet his cousin, Stanley, who is visiting from Hong Kong. He’s only two years older than Sam, but acts as if he’s way older – much to Sam’s disgust!

Sam and co end up going camping. There’s nothing to be afraid of there is there? Surely not! The story joins the children as they face their fears of the dark woods. Will the parents believe their fears? Of course not! Will Sam be afraid of the dark? Most certainly not! (Well maybe a little!) Will all end well in the end….. you’ll just have to read it to find out! Watch out for aliens, bears and monsters!

It’s a great read, full of humour, exaggeration and a story to keep you turning the pages.

Sam Wu is NOT afraid of the Dark is published by Egmont on 7th February.

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Thank you to Hilary at Egmont for inviting me to be part of the blog tour.



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