The World Book Day Monster written by @cguillain & @aguillain and illustrated by @adagreybright with @egmontuk


Now we all know that feeling of ‘what will I wear?!’ Well Anna has just three days to decide. When you love books, there are just too many options! Fortunately, her dad knows just what to do! Cue trip to a beautiful bookshop.


The bookshop is wonderfully illustrated and it looks like a shop I’d love to visit. And who do we find there….? a helpful bookseller of course! Anna chooses a new book and reads it over and over and over. The thread of real, joyful reading through this book just fills me with genuine joy.


Within the pages, she finds her answer: she knows just who to dress up as. So dad sets to the task of costume making. Nice one dad! I love this choice, that it isn’t mum at the sewing machine. Brilliant for breaking stereotypes.


At school, no one knows who Anna is, until the headteacher comes in to the classroom. Anna’s book was the headteacher’s favourite book when she was younger. I love this bookish connection and hope your WBD is filled with real book love sharing like this. This is a headteacher I applaud – joining in with dressing up, talking to pupils about books and taking the time to read to children – perfect!


This investment of interest and time, with a good dose of enthusiasm, really pays off and all the children want to share their book. Job done!

Well done Charlotte and Adam. As ever, a wonderful story that flows with a beautiful rhyme. Well done Ada. Your illustrations bring the story to life and I’m in love with your book shop illustration!


I wish you all a wonderfully bookish WBD! Whether you’re all dressed up or you’re celebrating in a different way, may you keep reading at the heart of it and share the book love! Show your class that reading rocks and that there is a book (or comic, or magazine….etc..) for everyone!



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