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R is for Racoons – Racoons will sit on Macaroons!

It’s so exciting to be on this epic alphabetty blog tour! So, we are up to R – R is for Reading Rocks and this book is a perfect example of what makes reading rock for children. It is full of giggles, fun and characters we love.

Having followed the Oi! Series, this book was much anticipated at RR HQ and I can tell you it doesn’t disappoint. I particularly love the extra details in Jim Field’s illustrations – from the Baboon’s magazine, to the giraffe’s pink, fluffy slippers, to a beautiful jay bird combing its quiff. There is so much in each page to discover and talk about together.

So, in this edition, we catch up with Frog, who is creating his own book to show where all the animals shall sit. Cat is typically unimpressed and doubtful Frog will manage the whole alphabet. Dog, as ever, is encouraging and optimistic. The alphabet romps along at a fun pace with interesting creatures and funny rhymes.

My favourite letter is J. Jerboas can sit on mowers! Look at those ears – so cute! The variety of animals included is brilliant and can lead children off into finding out about new creatures. You may like to link with other information books here. Even just in the birds mentioned, you could do a bit of ‘twitcher’ learning with a bird spotting book.

Revisit new creature learning by using the endpapers. Which animals do children recognise? How many can they name?

This book is great inspiration for EYFS and KS1 Writing. I love the little tongue out on Frog, showing concentration and determination. What an example or resilience and effort right there! In fact, the facial expression on all the creatures are brilliant and give great opportunities for inference discussions.

I can see many an Alphabetty Book being created in classrooms across the country. You could use real animals and the end of the book definitely allows for made up creatures to focus on rhyming instead.

The surprise double page fold out in the middle is lovely. Why not get your book creating skills going and see if you can make your own for children’s own writing.

Just at the back, be sure to notice the dedications from both author and illustrator. It’s lovely to see Jim Field dedicate the illustrations to key workers. Why not dedicate the books or artwork children make inspired by this book to a local key workers charity? Ask families to donate a small amount for children’s published work. And Kes Gray simply says ‘To normality!’. I’ll cheers to that! And indeed, this book gives those bits of normality we absolutely need – laughter, smiles and sharing.

Happy Reading!!!!



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