The Tindims and the Ten Green Bottles by @thesallygardner & #LydiaCorry with @_ZephyrBooks – blog tour

We are very excited to take part in this blog tour, celebrating the third book in this series – an adventure series for budding ecologists.

‘marries an ecological message with a ripping yarn… a perfectly realised new world that intrepid young minds will want to return to.’ THE BIG ISSUE

The Tindims are a quirky, tiny bunch of recyclers, living on Rubbish Island, who go by the motto ‘What is rubbish today is treasure tomorrow’. In this adventure, a very special visitor is spotted off shore and they want to provide a traditional welcome. Unfortunately, the Bottlerama used to sing a welcome song is incomplete, so the quest begins to find ten green bottles.

Through the short, fun chapters, the characters encounter a whale, Long Legs (humans) and even some slime! There’s poetry, Tindim language and chapter summaries along each step of the way, giving this text a range of language use. It would be fun to create a Tindims Dictionary as you read along with a class. The book is printed in a dyslexic-friendly font, making the book accessible to young readers.

Many of the characters have their own little catchphrases, which would be lovely to collect along the way as you read together. I can see a great display developing with the characters and speech bubbles. Children could generate catchphrases for their own Tindim character creations as a character development writing task.


Tiddledim, the special visitor, wrote an explorer’s book, that the characters talk about. This could be a great idea for children’s own writing, creating pages for an explorer’s book, designing tools and items from recycled materials and explaining how they function.

Author, Sally, and Illustrator, Lydia

The book is illustrated throughout, keeping the attention of young readers. I think this book would be a lovely read-aloud for a class around y2/y3. The themes of recycling and conservation are threaded through the story and allow for discussion and reflection with a class. It would fit nicely with a science unit on Materials, linking with rubbish sorting activities.

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