Big Hid by Roisin Swales

IMG_0763Honestly, I have never met a Flying Eye book that I didn’t get on with…and Big Hid doesn’t disappoint!

“Big and Little are a great team.” As opening lines go, this is fabulously succinct and sets the scene to perfection. The squirrel (Little) and the tortoise (Big) enjoy the simple pleasures in life: climbing, eating, playing dress-up and racing, as they should be enjoyed – together as friends.



Then one day, depicted in one of my favourite illustrations in the book, ‘something changed.’ I love the picture because it fills the double-page spread completely and sometimes when things change with the friends in your life it can consume the whole of your life – I like this comparison.


Big hides in the darkness of his shell and it seems there is nothing Little can do to coax him out. Little tries all Big’s favourite things and even enlists some other friends. Big will not be tempted out.


Little doesn’t know what else to do and simply gives Big a hug, ‘and just like that! Big didn’t feel like hiding any more.’ The last page sees the team back together!


This book is beautifully crafted and gives us a simple message so effectively: sometimes all you can do for your friend is be there with a hug to show them you love them. A real life lesson wrapped up in a really lovely book.



Big Hid by Roisin Swales and published by Flying Eye.

Reviewed by the lovely Mrs Mac – part of Team RR ❤️📚




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