Tiny Tantrum by Caroline Crowe and Ella Okstad


If you know a young child – or even if you’re in touch with the child within – then this is a book for you.

Tiny Tantrum isn’t keen on putting on her coat, brushing her teeth, taking turns or eating the dreaded broccoli. When these occasions arise, it’s time to grab the ear plugs. Will the monsters provide the solution to all of mum and dad’s woes?


With great rhythm and rhyme, and complemented by engaging illustrations, this is a delight to share with young children. It will have them and you giggling out loud – after all, it does contain the words bum, pants and snot. Who could resist? As well as all this, it includes a message to help adults and children to explore ways of dealing with anger and frustration more positively.

Here’s the challenge – try not to wiggle your bum at the end.

Tiny Tantrum is published on 13th July 2017

Reviewed by Ms L, the most bookish person I know!

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