Kaya’s Heart Song 💜 @lantanapub


Boom taktak boom taktak boom

Shick shak shook

Do you know your heart song?


Join me, through the vines (gorgeous end pages), to meet Kaya and Pak, as we learn about mindfulness.

Kaya, a young, curious girl, watches her mother as she meditates. Of course she asks what she’s doing, as children and their wonderful enquiring minds do.


I love this image, as mother and daughter talk together. It’s beautiful. The look in their eyes is just right – trust and love. What a privilege it is to share and nurture our children. This moment in the book shares that so well. Mother is quietly knowing, allowing Kaya to discover for herself.


And off she goes to play, into the jungle following a butterfly. There she meets Pak from the village. There, behind the gate, he shows Kaya a beautiful yet broken carousel.

Here the illustrations are bright and enchanting. So much detail to discover.

In this moment, young Kaya hears her heart song. What a warming feeling you have alongside her.

You can’t help but reflect on how much time you give yourself to just be and children, too. I love that this story shares the importance of this.

So as this book let’s you peep in on Kaya finding mindfulness, there is also a reflection at the back. This is a useful discussion starter or reference point for parents and teachers.


A lovely book with a lovely message.

Kaya’s Heart Song is out on 8th March



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