A @McFarlaneLesley review of The Company of Eight by @H_Whitehorn with @StripesBooks

The Company of Eight Author: Harriet Whitehorn llustrator: Maria Surducan To start with, the cover of this book is gorgeous! I find selecting a book so tricky; a cover like this was an instant head turner. Maria Surducan has illustrated it to perfection. The end papers are printed onto the book cover and depict a... Continue Reading →


Kaya’s Heart Song 💜 @lantanapub

Boom taktak boom taktak boom Shick shak shook Do you know your heart song? Join me, through the vines (gorgeous end pages), to meet Kaya and Pak, as we learn about mindfulness. Kaya, a young, curious girl, watches her mother as she meditates. Of course she asks what she’s doing, as children and their wonderful... Continue Reading →

Can you offer a Reading Gift?

   Can you offer a Reading Gift? Can you help us by gifting a signed copy of one of your books?  We’ll use it as a prize in a Baffle (a book raffle) to help build a library in Mozambique.   WomenEd are working with Action Aid to build a library for the women and... Continue Reading →

Dinosaurs – a #NNFN Special #RRBlog

Now, I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of dinosaurs until my daughter came along. She is a mini paleontologist. Now, however, I most certainly know my Parasaurolophus from my Pachyrhinosuarus! I'm sure you can all think of a child who loves dinosaurs. They are much-loved by many children. This bundle of ROARsome books will... Continue Reading →

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